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EHS Support LLC

Booth: 230

5200 Itaska Street
St Louis, MO 63109

Who We Are EHS Support is a global family of expert engineers, geologists, scientists, and technical professionals who specialize in complex environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) challenges across a wide array of industries. We don’t reinvent the wheel, we just find better, more efficient ways of doing things. Plain and simple, we’re problem solvers and we’re passionate about what we do. Why We Are EHS Support was founded back in 2005 because we wanted to create a different kind of company — one that was focused on providing solutions through long-term relationships and by treating both clients and employees with an unmatched level of respect. We wanted to solve complex technical problems through entrepreneurial concepts and unconventional ideas. We wanted to provide clients with unequaled service and expertise. Last but not least, we wanted to help our employees grow and thrive in their careers. When you get right down to it, we wanted to provide value — value to our employees in the form of opportunity and security, and value to our clients in the form of practical, effective, long-term solutions. What We Do We partner with our clients to develop technical solutions that address their unique business challenges. We do it all through a diversity of experts in the fields of engineering, science, geology, finance, and health and safety, with people who, through experience, have an understanding of facility and business operational requirements.