CLEAN GULF is North America’s largest annual spill prevention and response event covering real-world best practices and lessons learned. For 30 years we have been your trusted partner, helping serve your mission by providing a platform for you to engage, share, inspire, and effectively arm yourselves for future incidents. Our format allows current events and issues to be addressed in the conference sessions, allowing CLEAN GULF to deliver content that is relevant and timely to the challenges facing our attendees.

A Letter to Our Community

The CLEAN GULF Conference & Exhibition has been in operation for 30 years, and during this time it has been a place for the emergency and spill response community to gather face-to-face for networking, learning and sharing. I have had the honor of working with many of you for twelve of them.

We currently face a new reality fighting a global pandemic and are all stepping back from large gatherings, even if it means disruption of business or denying us the ability to catch up with friends.

We are all in this together and we will get through it together, especially knowing this wonderful community we serve is out there helping to disinfect and decontaminate businesses and sites to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Like you, we are optimistic that it will get better before October, when CLEAN GULF kicks-off in San Antonio. While we can’t be certain what the future holds, we are moving full steam ahead to plan the best event possible for you. CLEAN GULF prides itself on the ability to address current events and issues in its programming so you can be sure that we’ll be covering best practices and lessons-learned from the pandemic we are currently facing.

I’m truly excited about the opportunity for all of us to come together in October at CLEAN GULF, where the networking will feel extra special and the trials and tribulations that we’ve all faced this year will add to the 30 years of courageous and selfless response stories that you have to share. If you’re feeling the excitement of gathering with your peers as well, you can sign up early and put the event in your calendar to remind you of the good times ahead.

Be well,

Kayla Sparks
Group Show Director, CLEAN GULF